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What's Your Sound

“God is so good!” is what my husband said in the middle of an early morning conversation. I didn’t question him, I simply agreed. Besides…GOD is good. At that point it didn’t matter WHY he was stating this fact. It was the fact that it was, and is a fact. A couple of hours later he called back with a great deal of excitement in his tone. The second time his voice protruded. It sounded that he not only knew God was/is good, but is sounded like an experience of God’s goodness had taken place. Immediately upon me hearing him exclaim, “Babe, God is so good!” I inquired, “What happened?” His sound was different and it caused something within me to want to hear more. My question to you today, what is your sound?

Life has punched many blows in our direction, which have caused some to doubt the God that we serve. If we are completely honest, many of us have been guilty of falling into the “rut” of our trouble outweighing our trust (that’ll preach). It’s in times like these that we MUST confess of God’s goodness. Situations and circumstances come and go. One day you may have peace and the next day there may be a storm. Life goes up then down, life goes in then out. Life is so changeable, we can’t even take thought of tomorrow (worth reading: Matthew 6:34 - Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself). Each day has enough trouble of its own; however, the consistency in whatever we go through is the GOODNESS of our GREAT GOD!!! He never changes. He’s good in your good, bad and ugly. I challenge you to say that He is good until good things arrives at our front door (this really means in our lives). The thing is, “Life IS HARD, BUT GOD IS SO GOOD.” 

Our lives serves as a witness. How we handle life’s storm is one of the greatest assets to win souls into the Kingdom. Let us be careful that we don’t treat our CONSISTENT GOD, as if He is not the same evWhat does your sound represent?

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