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Not My Will, But Yours

Jesus addressed the Father during an intense time of prayer while preparing for his greatest, and final assignment. You may find it difficult to understand that Jesus was nervous about the assignment that He was literally born to do. He was Jesus. How could he be nervous? Jesus’ walking on water, healing the sick, casting out demons, opening blinded eyes, causing the lame to walk, and raising the dead were merely introductions to His greatest assignment...the cross.

In that garden was His greatest wrestling match against His supernatural man versus His carnal man. His flesh questioned (paraphrasing), “Do I have to do this?” The supernatural responded to His flesh, “It’s not my will, but the Father’s will be done.”

There are times that our assignments seem so great and our flesh responds wearily to what He has asked, “God, do I have to?” I’ve been there and have been on an assignment for years that I have asked to be removed from. At times, our assignments seem

like our punishment. We question, what have I done to deserve this? However, thinking with our natural thoughts and our carnal mind will always position us to question the will of the Father. We, in humanity, will never be able to comprehend the mind of God. We can only surrender to God being God, and trust that He has our best interest at heart. He has our best interest even when our flesh has a hesitation of accepting this fact.

To you, reading this blog, you may be in praying with great anxiety in “your garden”. Honestly, you’d rather not accept this assignment. It’s too much in terms of: hurt, strength, tears, time, etc. In other words, you’d rather not, and it frightens you that God has chosen you to fulfill it. Guess what? God assigned it to you because He is aware that you can handle it. If He says that we can handle the assignment, then no matter how it may make you feel...YOU CAN HANDLE IT (period).

Understand this truth, “It’s not until the fulfillment of the assignment that we are released from it.” So, join me in surrendering again, “God, not my will, but Your will be done.”

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