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It’s You!

This is a question that I often ask myself due to the darts constantly being thrown. What I’ve grown to realize is that it's not what's going on, but it's who's going forward? Who's going higher? Who's going deeper? Who's expanding?

You see, a dog can't chase anything that's not running in front of it. Such is the scheme of the enemy. If you're not moving, he has no reason to come after you.  Have you noticed that, simultaneously, while you’ve seen progression, you’ve also felt pressure?  It’s like good and evil are at war. Let me remind you that there is a war. The enemy is after your progression. He’s after your decision to become a better you. He’s after your choice to do what you’ve been called to do. It’s YOU! Understand, that usually your progression is a path that leads you to your divine purpose. The enemy's overall objective is to assault your purpose. BUT NOOOOOOO!!! I declare that the enemy’s plans are shredded into pieces and we claim it/them unrecognizable!!!  YOU MUST keep going! 


Father, I pray for my sister​s. I praise you for the plans you’ve orchestrated for their lives, according Psalms 138:8. I pray for the strength and the stability to continue in their ​​pursuit of progression. I declare that every dart sent by the enemy shall fall by their side​s and it shall not come nigh them. May the blood of Jesus speak on their behalf, and cover everything concerning them. Thank You for pushing them to keep going and to persevere through everything that they may be facing. I declare that the glory of the Lord shall illuminate in and on their lives. May they testify and others witness the evidence of their growth. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

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