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Our New Normal

We are NOW in a time that we must strategize as we step into our new normalcy. A shift has taken place, and it has happened in less than three weeks within the USA. It caught us unaware, but during the unraveling of this shift we MUST take time to be strategic on how to survive during our “NEXT”.

There are three things that we must do now in order to be proactive, and not be reactive:

First, we must pray! Prayer is essential in our everyday lives and will always be the greatest weapon. It is through prayer that God shows us secrets. He could show us things that would cause people to think we are connected to the Intel. Jeremiah 33:3 King James Version (KJV). 3 “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” Pray, ask God to show you His plan. Ask Him to tell you what you need to do as He is shifting, and how you need to do it. There is nothing like being in the divine will of God, and prayer is an imperative factor in understanding and knowing His will. We want God to show us His heart through prayer.

Second, we must prepare. Preparation says to our future, “I’ve been waiting on you” instead of saying, “I’m not ready”. We must prepare by planning. If you’d notice, I mentioned prayer before preparation. Why? Because we are able to take what He has revealed in the secret place of prayer and utilize it into our lives. Joseph serves as a wonderful example. God showed Joseph the famine that would take place in their land. Joseph, didn’t simply take the information and pray about it. No. Joseph began to plan by storing up. We must be found guilty of implementing a plan after God has shown us in prayer. Otherwise, our prayers are in vain. Prepare for this next season because what you’ve seen in the past will/has drastically changed. What is God saying regarding the success of your business, your ministry, your family, and your finances? Plan for it. Plan on doing it the way God tells you to do it, and watch how success hits your house in the midst of things failing around you. “If you be WILLING and OBEDIENT you SHALL eat the good of the land.”

Lastly, you must position yourselves. Position by planting solid in the word of God and understanding who you are. You are in the world, but not of this world. We, as believers, have access to the things of God. Daniel 11:32 – “… but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” We are able to take position by first knowing our God. If we don’t know God, then it would be difficult to walk in and/or position ourselves in the things and ways of God. When we are able to know Him, then we are able to do exploits. Exploits mean you can do GREAT things. Yes, right now during this time of shifting…You, my friend, can do GREAT things. It’s of essence that you position yourself as a grantee of the Kingdom. You have authority and power to do GREAT t

hings. You must know what’s in you so that you can take your rightful position. Why are you bent down? You should be standing. Why are you in the back? You should be in the front. Why are you quiet? You should be speaking. Again, I encourage you to TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE.

Pray! Prepare! Position!

This will be the greatest time in the most trying times. It’s time to shift!!

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